Monday, November 21, 2005

Houghton’s White Burgundy Gets a Name Change
Hougton’s White Burgundy was produced by Houghton Winemaker Jack Mann, and was entered into the 1937 Melbourne Wine Show where it was a hit with the judges. However it proved difficult to place in any of the styles available in Australia at the time. The wine was described as reminiscent of white Burgundy from France and so that name was chosen. Now some 69 vintages later Houghton’s is changing Burgundy to Classic in order to conform to the international trade agreement between Australia and the European Commission.

As shown on the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation site the date for the phase out of the use of (White) Burgundy was to be decided at the end of 1997.

Legal to use in Australia, until a date to be agreed:
(EU/Aust Wine Agreement aim was to determine phase-out dates by 31/12/97, but dates have still not yet been determined).
Burgundy, Chablis, Champagne, Claret, Graves, Marsala, Moselle, Port, Sauternes, Sherry, White Burgundy.
Ref: AWBC Reg 13. (Note: wine under these names may not be exported to the EU)

The new label will carry the name Houghton’s White Classic. The 2005 Houghton’s White Classic has been released in its home market of Western Australia, and will be available nationally with the 2006 vintage in June next year. No information was provided on when it will be released internationally! Press release.


Anonymous said...

Hi - I have one bottle of Houghton's White Burgundy 1997 Vintage. Will it now taste like vinegar? If not, should I keep it or drink it?

Michael Pollard said...

Houghtons White Burgundy has a history of aging well if stored properly (i.e. cool, dark cellar). If your bottle has been exposed to fluctuations of heat, light, vibration and/or humidity then it might not have fared all that well. The only way to find out if its any good is to drink it!