Saturday, September 03, 2011

..frisky, coltish – just a hint of nymphomania

Quick spin, the cork popping free, and I fill his glass and mine to the brim.
“In other words it’s the sort of wine given to you in times stress or under duress by a bearded Celtic satyr! Ready?
“First swirl it around to bring up the bouquet, plunge in your nose to breathe the aroma, then a brief sip before swilling it down”.
Jesus!” still smiling and licking my lips. “This stuff is nectar!”
“Didn’t I tell you, Hagar? Here,” Boyne draining his glass in a glup, “Ah, that’s the taste, frisky, coltish – just a hint of nymphomania - O great gulping wine!”

From Irish Wine (first published in 1988 by Mercury Press) in The Irish Wine Trilogy. Dick Wimmer. Soft Skull Press, 2009

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Favorite Drinks

Some people would say that I like to drink wine, and a lot more would say that I like to drink too much wine. Maybe so. But last year with a swollen Achilles tendon and blood work suggesting the possibility of future heart disease I decided to cut back on wine and get some exercise. The exercise consists of a 30-40 minute walk mid-afternoon. It’s a poor substitute for the physiotherapy that I was getting for the swollen tendon. At my age there is much to be said for having a twenty-something massage your foot. And, accidently I'm sure, have it brush against her ample cleavage. The skin tight clothes were also appreciated.

But back to the walking. Earlier in the year I had also decided that I should cut back on coffee. Six to eight cups a day were just not helping my bladder. But I soon realized. As I was limping through a nearby car park and around buildings housing various biotech companies. I was passing two coffee carts. And more were likely inside buildings. Maybe one cup of coffee in the afternoon wouldn't hurt? It was a tough decision. My new health kick included bringing a healthy lunch to work. Dollars were being saved that would now go to a drink I had decided to forego. I know that some things are addictive. And my family has the addictive gene, maybe more than one, maybe all of ‘em. Alcohol can sometimes be a problem for me. Although I’m sure it will be the after effects that will be my final undoing. But a large latte mid-afternoon. While I’m out getting exercise. And cogitating about work. What could be the harm?

Today I spent a pleasurable hour. Tasting American Pinot Noir. And a few others. Some Italians. One, an interesting Dolcetto. A Turley Zinfandel. Wine was still in the glasses. As I paid to leave. To buy food from a local Vons. And nearby? A Starbucks. Mid-afternoon. The body craves caffeine. Its had alcohol. But its caffeine it wants. Maybe I should blog about coffee? Maybe I should get my addictions back under control.