Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Judging on a Curve?
Hmmm, so when wine is judged there is an "expectation of three to five per cent winning gold, around seven to ten per cent winning silver, and 33 per cent or thereabouts winning bronze" (James Halliday). Really? So wines from a great year, or an outstanding region, vineyard or winemaker have to conform to this arbitrary grouping? Apart from seeming fixed (and certainly biased) this type of expectation only levels the playing field in an arena where the field is anything but level. If a wine is worthy of a medal it should receive it. And if it falls below that level it certainly should not be raised above realistic expectations. After all life is too short to waste it by drinking inferior wine, especially when there are so many great wines available. At least 3% of the total, right?