Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Do you have your glass? You do! Good, but might I ask what type of glass it is? If its a carefully selected, wine matched Reidel glass then I guess you really have been boning up on this stuff. But hopefully you didn't spend too much, and you aren't too clumsy!

What glass do I use, you ask? Well for a number of years I have been using the ISO tasting glass. I first started to use the ISO because it handles well and takes a reasonable amount of wine, especially for tasting, and it seemed to work well for most wines. Oh, and compared to Reidel an ISO is cheap. And in comparative testing the ISO does pretty well against wine specific Reidels.

Of course Reidel is correct when they state that a wine glass should be:

with a cut and polished lip
and, made of lead crystal

But what's the bit about the stem? Well that's were you hold it! So my question to you is does the attractive lady on the Reidel home page know how to hold a wine glass?