Tuesday, August 17, 2004

No More Aussie Shiraz
I have gradualy come to a conclusion regarding Aussie Shiraz. I use to like these wines, but maybe it is me or the wines that have changed. Way too often I have found the wines too heavy, lacking elegance and with aeration they evolve into something like a salty and sweet tomato soup spiced with tar. I have still had some fate that this would not be the case with " the great ones". Yesterday I opened Grange 94 and Armagh 96. The wines were OK from start, but after two hours in the decanter they had degenerated completely. The same unbearable blockbuster taste as with the others. I want to drink wine and not motor oil! Does any one of you have similar experiences? I think my Aussie days are over? MORE->

Has Aussie shiraz come to its end? Well hardly, dear reader. As a quick click on the link above will show you there is life in that red yet. Actually shiraz is very much alive, too much alive for some, me thinks! To be honest I've never tasted a shiraz that had any of the characteristics of motor oil, nor indeeed tar, or salt. Even sweet tomato is a stretch for me. But then the identification of flavors in wine in very much based on personal experience; and dare we say it - autosuggestion! The smell of ink has been one of the strangest, and most characteristic, of flavors for me. There is no doubt about it, Aussie shiraz has changed over the last decade or so. Who is responsible, and whether its a good thing or not, will only be answered by time.

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