Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Open Your Mind to Australian Wine
The global advertising campaign of the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation was unveiled in Sydney on May 3rd.

General Manager of the Australian Wine Export Council, Jonathon Scott said he hopes the campaign will help Australia's wine industry overcome emerging challenges.

"We are facing global competition from other wine producing countries," Mr Scott said.

"Our challenges include an oversupply of some grape varieties and global rationalization of producers, distribution channels and retailers.

"To maintain our markets and, importantly, to grow beyond our current levels, we need to go beyond our existing market boundaries."

"Our sector – which comprises more than 1,800 wineries and 7,000 grape growers – has the capability to reach $4 billion in exports over the next five years.

The advertising campaign will debut overseas next week at the London International Wine and Spirits Fair. It will be available on CD-ROM and online.

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