Monday, January 30, 2006

Wine Pairings
There has been a lot of discussion recently about what pairs with wine, specifically whether cheese is a good match for red wine. I have a pairing that I think goes remarkably well – poodles and wine. No, I haven’t yet done an exhaustive investigation on the subject; although I don’t see why that should matter because all the armchair experts will just come out of their closets and poo-poo the idea anyway.

But the evidence is mounting. Moorooduc Estate (Mornington Peninsula) has two poodles; although they don't feature on the web site. Abercorn (Mudgee) has one. And there must be more in Wine Dogs. The Basic Juice blog has one. And Shiraz has three – we don’t do anything by halves.

There is the beautiful 12 year old Mercy, with a little bit of breakfast on her bottom lip - old age must be setting in! Then there is the lovely white princess Arwen Evenstar (0r Winnie), who just turned two - Happy Birthday Poo!

And finally there is the four year old Strider AKA Aragorn Elessar Son of Arathorn, Heir of Isildur and King of the Reunited Kingdom of the DĂșnedain. Called by Gandalf 'the greatest traveller and huntsman in this age of the world', AKA Strides.

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Jathan said...

Ahhh yes, another LOTR fan, who would have guessed.

I prefer pairing salted pork with my wine.