Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ginger Man Country

Not that it will disturb the status quo too much but service is about to be disrupted. We are off to Ireland for what I hope will be ten Guinness filled days. We may try to hunt down some wines as well, but when you are on the trail of The Ginger Man it is pubs that you need to frequent. We will be in Dublin for only a night or two and we’ll have to visit the bar where the Guinness is the best in Dublin. Of course a real Ginger Man does not go past McDaids, nor would he pass up a night in the Shelbourne Hotel. Unfortunately the latter is under rennovation. Then it will be off to Willowbrook, Garrykennedy and Lough Derg. Garrykennedy has ten buildings with two pubs, sounds about the right ratio. And there will be a few other excursions as well - at least that is what I am told!

For those few souls who don't know about The Ginger Man I recommend this site.

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