Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Grape grower 'plotted to bomb winery'

(From The Age, by Steve Butcher, June 14, 2006)
THE downturn in the grape market had a potentially disastrous outcome when a company director allegedly planned to bomb a winery over lost income.
Steve Bergamin, 23, is accused of planning to blame terrorists for his plot to bomb the Gapsted winery, between Myrtleford and Bright in north-east Victoria.
He allegedly told an associate he wanted the winery "levelled … lock, stock and barrel".
A detective told a bail hearing in Melbourne Magistrates Court yesterday that Bergamin was angered by a cut in grape prices and said the winery "had to go".
"I want it to look like terrorists have done it," he allegedly said. MORE->

There are terroirists, and then there are terrorists, and then there are those who are just plain idiots!

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