Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Not Again. Oh, Yawn.

I’ve posted before that Robert Parker did not invent, introduce, or in any way originate the use of 100 points in the scoring of wine. He simply made popular something that existed at least a quarter of a century before he began the Wine Advocate.

But recently there have been two more people who seem to think that Parker has to be credited with the 100 point system. First is PaulGregutt.com who wrote “The man credited with having invented the 100 point scale is Robert Parker,”

And now over at Slate, Mike Steinberger writes “as the critic who conceived the 100-point system, Parker has a special obligation”

Wouldn’t it nice if there were some wine writers out there in cyberspace who actually knew what they are writing about when it comes to the origins of the use of 100 points in the scoring of wine?

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