Friday, August 01, 2008

Save Miguel?

The Portuguese cork industry has begun an ad campaign designed to argue for the greenness of corks versus screwcaps. But you would be hard pressed to figure that out from the internet campaign which has actor Rob Schneider searching to discover who Miguel is and how to save him.

In Australia the campaign will include a letter to winemakers from cork maker Amorim extolling the ethical virtues of cork. But with 70% of wine bottles in Australia already under screwcap it is going to be hard sell, even if the Girl Guides are onside!.

Perhaps the better question might be - Is Miguel worth saving?


Anonymous said...

i have a save miguel shirt

Paulo Braga said...

Of course is worth saving.
The benefits of cork are evident for people who likes, loves and understands wine culture. The evolution of good wine is only possible with cork. Of course if we are talking about young wines it really does not matter except that you won't hava the "pop" sound and you'll be drinking like a soda!
Cork is natural and there is an important forest here with wild animals and fire resistant. Srew caps is plastic, industry, CO2 emissions, etc.
Save the Forest!!

Sam Stone said...

Well, apparently Rob Schneider has found Miguel:

Anonymous said...

Anyone can tell me how to get a Save Miguel Shirt?
Carlos Gomes

Michael Pollard said...


I'm not sure if there is a Miguel T shirt available. But what you can do is download the stencil from the Save Miguel web site and make your own.