Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Wine and Philosophy
We interrupt our regular programming to bring you notification of the BBC radio show The Wine Programme. Philosopher and wine columnist Professor Roger Scruton has been interviewed on his thoughts on wine, philosophy and terroir. The show aired on March 21, 2005 and the tape can be replayed.

You might remember that Scruton is the fellow who said "Australia is a big problem. It is a landscape that has been dragged from hunter-gatherer to farmer in 200 years." Australians have generally not, therefore, "built into their wine 'le gout de terroir'", choosing instead to make wines at 14.5% alcohol, and to brand them for sale in "the moron market" at "Wine and Philosophy" Conference at the University of London. More in a post here.

On the BBC show Scruton waxes lyrical about terroir, prayer, and needing a soul to commune with wine. If I understand him correctly he's describing what we used to call in the old days "getting a buzz". We used to get all philosophical at that stage too!

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