Friday, March 18, 2005

I have to interrupt the Decanting series to announce some late breaking news. Shiraz has won its first award from the blogosphere. Tom Wark of FERMENTATIONS has announced the first annual WINE BLOG "MASTI AWARDS" for Masthead Excellence. Shiraz won for Best Minimalist Approach to Masthead Creation. The blog received this accolade because “Most wine bloggers are so excited to offer up our expertise to a waiting readership, as well as being pretty darn lazy, that we generally just toss up any old masthead on our blog that the service offers and then jump into the writing. Shiraz's masthead takes this cache of Lazy that defines wine bloggers and take it to a minimalist height.”

What can I say? Well first I’d like to thank Blogger for providing the template that allowed me to carefully craft the word Shiraz into the masthead. And…….. well, really that was it. But I’d like to thank Tom for recognizing that Shiraz does take a simple approach to Blog formatting. I’d like Shiraz to be fancy and eye-catching, and maybe when it grows up and moves to something like TypePad it will be. But maybe if it stays this way Shiraz can be a multiple winner of the Best Minimalist Approach to Masthead Creation award!

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