Monday, April 18, 2005

Santa Barbara Goes Sideways
You can't blame them, I guess. Sideways has been a great hit. So why shouldn't Santa Barbara ride its coat tails. But I'm not sure they really know what sideways really means, other wise they wouldn't be asking you and me to "Get SIDEWAYS in Santa Barbara County". But just in case you want to visit Santa Barbara and experience a little of the travails of Miles and Jack there is SIDEWAYS:The Map either as a PDF online or you can request one by snail mail. But if you can't make it to Santa Barbara then maybe you might want to buy some of the wine from the movie? The SIDEWAYS Wine Club is the spot for you. Too expensive! Then how about The Sideways Guide to Wine and Life. It lists all the wines shown in the movie, "some of the movies most memorable quotes, as well as tips for how to best enjoy wine - some tips are useful, others humorous, all are enjoyable".

I could be wrong, but I get the feeling that the SIDEWAYS effect is getting just a bit, sideways!

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