Monday, April 04, 2005

I am busy with non-wine stuff, but I couldn't let this go by. A post on eBob has described yet another method of decanting to aerate wine. This method is completely new to me. It concerns a wine made by Merus Wines.

"If you open a bottle within the next 12 months: Counting six to eigth hours backwards from the time when you want to serve the 2002 Merus, decanter vigorously (we point the bottle directly upside down) into the decanter, and gently slosh the wine around. Using a funnel, put the wine back into the bottle. Place the wine back into the wine cellar (cork in or out makes no difference), and take out 90 minutes before serving."

I'm sure the winery has done extensive studies to arrive at this method and it is most probably wine specific so please don't try this with just any wine, please!

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