Wednesday, June 22, 2005

There's a syrah for every wine drinker
This is what Roger Rutan has written for The Register-Guard of Eugene, Oregon, USA. As much as I love Shiraz/Syrah I doubt that it suits all palates. More to the point I very seriously doubt that the wines listed by Rutan will satisy "every wine drinker". I may be getting a little ahead of myself because I have not had the pleasure of tasting the wines mentioned in the piece by Rutan but that is simply because my local wine shop simply does not carry any of them! Rather poor selection on the part of the wine shop you might say, especially when Rutan gives six examples of "premium quality syrah wines". I guess it all dependes on your definition of premium quality. Shiraz/Syrah/Petite Sirah in the range of $15 to $21USD per bottle is not really touching the price range of premium. Double it and you might be getting a bit closer to reality.

But if you are limited to paying below $20USD for a bottle of Shiraz/Syrah then you might like to look to Australia for St Hallett Faith from the Barossa Valley, Kangarilla Road from McLaren Vale, RockBare from McLaren Vale, Jim Barry Lodge Hill from Clare Valley, or the Green Point Shiraz from Victoria.

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