Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Whales, Japanese Scientists, and Shiraz
I have always been troubled that Japanese scientists must kill whales in order to study them. Its not the sort of research practice that is employed by most other countries. But who cares about the dwindling numbers of whales, the Japanese increase their blood thirsty activities every chance they get, all in the interest of science of course. Its been difficult to see how the SHIRAZ Blog can address this problem in a wine related way and then along comes Emma Tom of The Courier-Mail with a rather interesting suggestion.

“The modest proposal is that knowledge-hungry Australian scientists would be able to hunt and kill several hundred Japanese whale scientists per year to obtain important information such as how old they are, where they live and how their loins taste when marinated, barbecued and served with a feisty shiraz.”

What I like about this idea is the use of Shiraz as the wine of choice. Appropriately big, bold and the color of blood. And it has to be Shiraz, not Syrah, because it is Australia that is taking the argument to the Japanese; the killing of Minke whales occurs in the Antarctic Ocean.

What Aussie Shiraz would you suggest be served with marinated and barbecued loin of Japanese whale researcher?

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