Friday, August 05, 2005

Terroir 2006
During March 19-22, 2006 the University of California at Davis will host Terroir 2006, A Dialogue Between Earth Scientists and Winemakers.

The meeting is introduced by the following paragraph:
“Terroir” refers to the influence of the natural environment on the growing of grapes and the production of wine. This conference will explore how aspects of terroir can be studied scientifically in ways that are of use to the wine industry. The conference is conceived as a dialogue between individuals who do research on aspects of terroir, and grape growers and winemakers who can make use of the insights gained from that research.

The Program is quite expansive with a Keynotes address by Jancis Robinson and talks by Australia’s James Halliday of Coldstream Hill Winery, Richard Smart of Smart Viticulture, and John Gladstones, Honorary Research Fellow (Viticulture), University of Western Australia. There are even a few Americans as well as experts from other countries. And what meeting of wine experts is complete without a free viewing of Sideways!

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