Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Essential Wine Tasting Guide
Glen Green is smelling his way to success. Well, that is not entirely true. What Glen is doing is providing a guide so that wine drinkers can put a name to the myriad of smells that are found in wine, and smell their way to wine stardom. OK, maybe not stardom but you will, at least, be able impress family and friends with your newfound ability to “name that smell”. And you can do it without being discovered as his Essential Wine Tasting Guide is little bigger in size than a credit card. That is until you unfold it! Then it becomes a sheet containing 34 mini-pages of wine tasting information.

Included among the features are the following:

  • Sparkling, white, red, dessert and fortified wines including Brandy, Madeira, Tokaji & Sherry
  • Major and emerging international wine grape varieties & wine styles
  • Over 1,000 tactile and varietal wine aroma descriptors
  • Wine descriptor groups
  • Wine color comparison guide
  • Faults in wine
  • Scoring wine
  • Temperature serving guide
  • Neutral white background for wine color assessment

A link to the Essential Wine Tasting Guide has been part of the Shiraz Resources list for some time; its the only resource the site lists! But I’ve never found the time to talk about it. That’s a pity as I have both the Australian and American versions autographed by Glen, and I’ve also given autographed guides out as gifts. Editions are also available for Canada, South Africa, United Kingdom/Ireland, and a Japanese language version. Other Editions to be made available include: Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal/Madeira, and Spain

As practical as it is, the guide could also become a collectable as a number of wineries in Australia sell them imprinted with their winery logo.

Riding the sweet smell of success Glen was recently interviewed in The Detroit News Wine Report. Well done Glen.

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