Thursday, October 14, 2004

Classic Wines
I have started a new section on Tasting Notes called Classic Wines. As stated these will be wines that stand head and shoulders above the rest. For some they are wines that score 95 points or more out of 100. For others they score an A or better. For me they get 19 or better out of 20. My approach to scoring wines will be discussed here at a later date. As I find these wines they will be placed in the Classic Wines section of Tasting Notes. The Classic Wines section will begin with wines tasted in 2004, but as time permits I hope to go back and revisit my archived hard copy notes to build that section of the Tasting Notes eBlog. But don't hurry back. There are over twelve years of notes from sniffing and sipping here in the USA alone, not to mention another ten years worth stored in Australia.

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