Friday, October 22, 2004

Tap, tap, tap, tap.........
I hope I'm not annoying you. That's just the sound of my fingers drumming on the desktop as I wait for The Wine Advocate Issue #155 to be down loaded to the site. The hardcopy of WA has already been mailed out to subscribers who pay $60/year to receive 6 issues. I pay almost $10/month for the online access and receive the WA issue online about a month after the mailing. Why is there not simultaneous online access of the WA issue? Well the concern is that online subscribers will give out their passwords, effectively reducing subscriber numbers. Of course the amount of faxing of the hardcopy issue that goes on is legendary. Everyone wants to know which wines have scored well so that they can beat the price increases. Why is issue #155 so important? It’s The Big Australian Report!

This eBlog reported on Sept 17, 2004 that Parker predicted, among other things, that it will take 10 years before the the wine Web will go mainstream. I can't wait that long! Time to go order the hardcopy separately.

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