Thursday, October 21, 2004

The Emperor of Wine
In an article on wine critic Robert Parker Jr Linda Murphy writes in the San Francisco Chronicle - Parker, who tastes thousands of wines a year at his Monkton, Md., office and thousands more on trips to Wine Country, is also dinged for his own preferences, which lean toward very ripe, lavishly oaked wines. He likes what he likes and those who appreciate his palate buy accordingly. Those who don't should pass on the Wine Advocate and on buying "Parker wines" touted by retailers. "Some criticism has some justification," Parker says, "but I've never sought power. I don't like it and I don't embrace it. I'm doing something that I truly love and I've made a good living at it. If a wine gets a great review that helps sell the wine, that's fine, but I don't go out and seek that."

An East Coast author is writing a book on Parker, with a working title of "The Emperor of Wine." "I called her," Parker says, "and asked if she could change the title to 'The Reluctant Emperor of Wine.' It would make my job a hell of a lot easier." There's been no word on a possible change. MORE->

Ah, the price of fame! I guess publication of The Emperor will mean that this quote will no longer apply? "But I'm a private person and all these things are a little overwhelming. I try to work under the radar and I don't seek attention."

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