Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Beer Fights Back
Wineblogs have been alive with the news that Gallup have found 39% of American drinkers said they drink wine most often, while only 36% said they drink beer most often.

Robin Abcarian of the LA Times writes “Is our country, in other words, on some ineffable road to effete?” Probably!

Can beer fight back? Well in Australia beer has no desire to lose its froth. Its an advertising war in which the first salvo is the Very Big Ad. Lampooning QANTAS and British Airways ads on a scale fit for Lord of The Rings the Carlton Draught ad comes from Foster's Australia.

The Fosters Group recently purchased SouthCorp which is the largest Australian-owned wine producer. So keep a lookout for an even bigger wine ad, maybe for something from Lindemans, Wolf Blass, Penfolds, Rosemount, or Wynns Coonawarra Estate! Perhaps aimed at the Chinese? Afterall there are a lot of beer drinkers to convert in China, and if that doesn't work there is always the Very Big Ad. My God its big!

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