Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Yellow Tail 7th Wine Brand in USA Restaurants
Restaurant Wine, a bimonthly journal on wine for the hospitality and wine industries, has released its listing of the Top 100 brands of wine sold in restaurants in the USA in 2004, ranked according to their estimated sales volume. The top 25 are in this news release. Number 7 on the list is Yellow Tail! Five other Aussie wines also made the listing, although they are not listed in the top 25.

It is interesting just how accepted Yellow Tail has become in the US. On the recent July 4th holiday I had a couple of people who have relatively good palates and drink wine every day tell me what great deals they get on Yellow Tail. I'm not a fan of the wines, but if you enjoy them drink up. Then be adventurous and spend a few $’s more on another wine, eventually you will get into a price/quality range where you will see why Yellow Tail is the lower rung on the ladder of wine experiences.

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